Saturday, August 12, 2017

Pork squash à la community garden

A community garden twist on a Filipino dish. 

Chunks of my home bred pig, with vegetables from the community garden harvest table: onion, tomato, snow peas, peas, some green cabbage, and 2 tender pipinola squash, cut into chunks. Alas, I did not have the fresh garlic or the fish sauce to make it more traditionally flavored. I made do with garlic salt, Bragg's amino acids, and Hawaiian chili pepper paste (my go-to seasonings).


Sunday, June 25, 2017

I may be watching too much tv!

Yes, I stopped what I was doing and laughed out loud, for several seconds, maybe a minute, Heck, I'm still smiling, so it can't be ALL bad! And at a commercial. A young father finishes feeding his baby in the highchair. BIG mess. All over high chair, all over baby face, all over. He says, "you wait right there, buddy, while I go get a wipe to clean you up before mommy gets home." He goes to the kitchen, comes back a moment later with a container of wipes, looks at his baby, and..... The baby is perfectly clean, face, chair, everything but the little stain on the bib. He gapes, then looks over at their big shaggy dog, licking his lips and looking proud of himself. The father shrugs his shoulders, says, "Works for me," and puts the wipes back. The next scene, he's giving the dog a cookie (guess it's a reward) that guarantees fresh breath. "So your pet can get closer." Which is what the ad is for. Wait! This keeps getting funnier! It sounds like they are advocating dog nannies that perform oral clean up. (Lack of opposable thumbs limits their ability to effectively use wipes.) Oh, no, ok, it's medium funny. I think they want your dogs breath to be fresh because that's going to happen, whether it's planned or not. Dogs can reach kids' faces. Period. Kids faces always have interesting stuff on them. Interesting to dogs. Ergo, dogs will lick kids' faces if they are within reach. I don't understand why they aren't pushing clean or antibacterial saliva or some such nonsense. I'll have to watch for it again. Maybe it was, but I was laughing so hard, I missed the punchline of the ad! It could have been "clean" instead of "fresh". Hmmm.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

More good stuff from Tom Selleck

Please don't come my cable off, but I learned another good one from Blue Bloods. 

When someone threatens me with, "I could blah blah blah," I've been saying either, "Yep, you can do anything you want," or "Do whatever your conscience allows." But this one, from the PC is better: "That's your choice. I've already made mine." That ends the subject, I suppose.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wisdom from.... Wherever!

Words of wisdom from the Reagan family on "Blue Bloods ":

If you can't afford to pay both your rent and your car payment, pay the car payment first. You can live in your car. You can't drive your house.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

More on my crazy love of fresh food!

Yes! I am still loving the fresh vegetables I am so blessed to receive and help (in such a small way) to raise. Tuesday there were all these fragrant bail blossoms available, so I grabbed a bunch. They smelled so lovely all the way home, filling the jeep with their fragrance! 

The next day, I was thirsty, opened my fridge, spotted some thawed lemon and/or lime juice from last year's abundance and had a thought! I made some delicious lemon-limeade with stevia, filtered water, juice, and a few of the fresh basil flower fronds. I drank most of the pitcher that day! I made another pitcher today, with fresh-squeezed lime juice and took a photo:
Hmm... Looks nicer URL, when you can see that those dark bits are little flowers!

As long as I had the bail out, I used most of the leaves I had left, some of the flowers, fresh garlic, almonds, and evoo to make a food processor full of pesto (if you can still call it that). I left some still in the food processor, and added infused coconut oil and fried leaf to enhance a batch, for those who would like the medicated version. The pesto is a little bitter; I think it's because some of the stem, if it was tender enough, got into the pesto. The bitter taste is momentary, or fleeting, so if you don't mind that, it has an otherwise very pleasant taste. Again, here's a photo:

The portion in the jar is regular pesto I put aside for a friend, the darker stuff on the right is medicated pesto, and the portion in the front is regular.  Mmmmm.. Stay tuned for more!

Saturday, June 17, 2017


I counted the viable dragonfruits on our plants - 31! Ate one last night. Thought about taking a picture, but it was so juicy, dark magenta and delicious that I didn't grab the camera until it was... Gone. Ah well.


True confessions, right here on the feather blog! I am a mindless cleptomaniac! When I got home Tuesday,, after working at the community garden, look what I found in my pocket:

The marking pen! OMG! Now I have too remember to bring it back. 😳